Have you ever thought …

  • What if I was 100% sure about this business and niche?


  • what if i knew which tasks WOULD REALLY help my business thrive?
    (And could forget the rest!)

No more what-ifs!

Get the strategies I’ve used to help US Army officers, entrepreneurs, government officials, stay-at-home moms, corporate executives and more get clear and get REAL results …


Here’s what’s inside this LIVE training:

  • My proven, proprietary method for connecting the dots and figuring out the RIGHT business + niche for you (without cheesy worksheets!)

  • Tests for knowing if your business is actually viable and if what you’re spending time on is actually working

  • How to create an offer that SELLS without a website or social media presence or fancy funnel

  • A 4-step process for figuring out your best STRATEGY … so you can kiss shiny object syndrome goodbye!

This is NOT the kind of presentation where you only get stories about how the presenter did it …

This is about figuring out what works for YOU and your business. Period.

What if 2 months from now you had your clarity, confidence and clients TOTALLY DIALED IN?

Not sure you can actually turn your ideas into something concrete and profitable? You are NOT alone ...

My client Karima had this voice in her head saying she was ready for something WAY bigger, but she wasn’t clear on how to get there.

Nothing seemed to be working!

Also, she was scared...

Would people actually buy from her?

What if she maxed out her credit cards with nothing to show for it?

What if she put in tons of time and effort … and then realized she’d been barking up the wrong tree?

If only she had a clear path forward and a partner to say, “Look, this is viable. We just need to do x, y, z.”

Because then she’d really run with it, knowing the REWARDS far outweighed any risks. Like …

  • The peace of mind that comes from not struggling all the time …

  • Having more time for herself …

  • No longer feeling like her talents were being wasted …

  • Fully BELIEVING in herself!

Luckily, it only took 2 months to get her there once she learned how to create a smart business around something that “connects all the dots” …

… and saw that anyone can do it if they know the steps to creating clear messaging and marketing that attracts clients like bees to honey!

A few weeks in she wrote me,

I’m honestly pretty amazed. I’m just feeling very good and confident and knowing I can do this … thinking about how far I’ve gotten in just a couple of months, and how much further I can be in just a couple more!

And it makes it impossible to say, ‘I can’t do it,’ because I am LITERALLY doing it. This was definitely the best business decision I ever made.”

And within the next month, she was making more with her business than she did in her day job ...

So, want that for yourself?


Jenna Harrison spent decades trying to get clear

… on what she wanted to do in life and how to turn that into a profitable business so she could be her own boss and work from anywhere.

It took a crazy set of circumstances … including working with the US Army … to finally help the pieces fall into place. But when they did (allowing her to completely book out her performance coaching business) she realized the answers had been there all along. Now she’s helped people across the globe do the same for themselves and leave their 9-to-5s forever.

This FREE training shows you Jenna’s top 3 “secrets” for getting clear on the RIGHT business or niche for you, and how to turn that into the messaging and strategy that creates successful businesses you’ll actually enjoy and want to stick with.

Fees to work with Jenna are usually between $500 and $24,000, but this training reveals the very same 3-step framework she uses with clients, for FREE. At the end of this training, you will have an opportunity to speak with Jenna if you would like to hire her to help you through the process she outlines on the training. However, that is not required. Claim your spot on this training while seats are still available.