Imagine the feeling of handing in your notice, knowing that you’ve already booked that ticket overseas. Now nobody can tell you that you’ve already used up your vacation days (or that you can’t go because of that huge project that just landed on your desk).

You want that, but it feels so far away.

Or imagine the peace of actually believing in the work you do… while working wayyyy less and enjoying your life waaaay more.

(Not to mention the security of realizing that you have the skills to adapt to any changes in the market, so you never have to worry about being laid off.)

You feel like it’s possible, but you don’t know how to actually get there….

It IS possible. It’s totally, absolutely doable. You just need someone that can show you the right steps for YOU, in the right order.

I'll help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what business to start

  • Overcome your fear of risk or failure

  • Build the confidence and high performance mindset that’ll guarantee success

  • Know exactly what steps to take and in which order, with a customized plan specific to your business goals

  • Increase productivity (so you can get on with the rest of your life)

  • And, of course, develop the motivation and discipline to actually follow-through so you finally get RESULTS

I’ve helped women figure out what business is right for them after years of spinning their wheels ... launch their website and announce to the world that they’re really DOING the damn thing instead of playing it safe on the sidelines … negotiate telecommuting arrangements and freelance contracts with past employers … move overseas to a happier and more authentic way of life … and ultimately, quit their J-O-B.

But maybe you’ve worked with other coaches before or invested in programs that haven’t gotten the results you wanted. How will this be life-changingly different?



As a performance + business coach, I’m unique in a couple of ways...  


… Rather than just showing you business tactics or engaging in mindset talk-therapy, I give both the ‘what to do’ AND ‘how to do’ of business. You’ll feel jazzed to take action and reach goals higher than you initially set for yourself. (I’ll show you the exact system for doing it.)


… I haven’t been brainwashed by one school or way of doing things. I draw from a diverse background: Corporate America, the U.S. military (where I hold a certificate in leader development from the Army’s graduate-level institution and spent 5 years coaching military leaders and volunteers), academia, yoga, sports, alll of my own coaches and business courses … and even animal training!


… I’ve DONE this! (I’ve run several businesses myself - as a freelance jewelry designer, a travel blogger, and a performance coach - and worked for over 10 years in online marketing and communications for both small businesses and large corporations, including my job as the corporate editor for a top-ranked S&P 600 fashion company overseeing more than 30 brands.) And I’ve actually helped OTHERS do this...                   

Case Study - Karima

Here’s a specific example of how this combination approach is so different than anything else out there…


“Fun story- I got fired from my first job after college and tried to start my own biz but didn't know what to do. I was totally waiting for that perfect rags to riches story to unfold, but it didn't happen. I got a job waiting tables, then another 9-5. Fast forward a few months and I'm about to go into full time biz. My advice? GET A COACH.

I spent so much time and money doing alllll the wrong things (ie: like days on my website that wasn't even getting me clients, or spending time on instagram when I didn't even get one lead from Instagram) and I made all my money back (x4 or 5) the first 3 months of working with Jenna. Learn from my mistakes!”

The road I traveled as I struggled with clarity and many missteps was long and bendy (way, way too long). My mission is to save you from going through all that, and get you to your end goal faster and more easily.

Not sure if it’s possible?

If the units of a U.S. Army battalion and brigade, as well as individual clients from all walks of life and four different continents, can expand their vision of what’s possible and achieve their goals with my help, so can you.

After years of studying and testing, I’ve created a unique system for developing clarity, building confidence and then actually taking the smartest and most efficient action needed to make your business profitable.

It’s called the Business Accelerator.

This unique and powerful approach will finally take you from “I have a vision” to “mission accomplished” in record time.


My one-to-one coaching program has a very specific aim: RESULTS.

Together we’ll be working through the three-phase approach that’s key to accomplishing any goal faster, better and easier.

I’ll be with you each step of the way to make sure you:

+ Get clear on exactly what business is best for you. No more second-thoughts or regrets!

+ Design your personal roadmap, giving you peace of mind about what to do, in what order

+ Stand out from the crowd so that clients are excited to work with you (and you can have a real business, not a hobby)

+ Learn the peak performance and productivity techniques that will continue to serve you long after we stop working together

Case Study - Aisha

Aisha knew she wanted to start a business so she could work from home and spend more time with her children, but was torn between two business ideas that seemed at complete odds. I helped her question that assumption, and we came up with a concept that combined both of her ideas seamlessly, and then got down to the work of laying out plans.

“You are a genius. You just lifted a veil I've had in my eyes for months!!! I feel really validated and have direction now.”

Are you ready to make this business a reality? There will never be a better time than right now.

Possibilities and Priorities

This pre-session questionnaire and set of exercises will help lay the groundwork of assessing where you are, where you’re stuck, where your heart lies, and what makes the most sense for you. This will bring you to the kinds of answers that can lead to transformative ah-ha moments even before sitting down for coaching.

12 Coaching Sessions

Throughout our weekly calls over phone or Zoom (these calls take as long as YOU need to feel prepared for success in the coming week) I’ll guide you through the cumulative three-phase framework that equips you with the mindset, strategy, confidence, resilience and tactics to conquer your most audacious goals.  

Success Action Plan

Together we’ll create a roadmap with your next steps so that you’ll know for sure, with confidence, that you’re following the right plan in the right way to get the results you want. No more confusion, backtracking or second-guessing. Now you can step out in the world with vision, determination and purpose.

Additional B.A. materials

I’ll also provide you with resources such as recommended reading, tutorials, templates or best practices. They’ll help you get where you’re going in the quickest, easiest way possible so you can get down to enjoying that life you’ve been waiting for rather than struggling for the way to get there.

Case Study- Kendra

Kendra absolutely knew she had to be her own boss and there were a million possible ideas swirling around in her head for a business. The problem was that she talked herself out of each and every one, so none of them got off the ground. We worked together to choose the RIGHT one and go for it! Within three months, she had paying clients and plans in place to grow her business to full-time income.

Here’s what she had to say:

I went from a head full of ideas to choosing one and launching a business I felt really excited about.

Jenna helped me see the ways my ideas could actually work, rather than all the ways they wouldn’t, and the ways my beliefs made a difference in the outcome. The goal setting and accountability really helped me turn ideas into action.

If you’re trying to get something started but need clarity (or just additional support), or if you’ve already started something but found it didn't work out the way you wanted so are feeling frustrated, you need to work with Jenna.”

You can finally set yourself up for success, even if the pitfalls seem overwhelming or you’ve been unable to accomplish your goals in the past. If you’ve read this far, chances are you realize it’s possible.

There’s no reason to waste another day holding back on the life you’ve been dreaming about….

Ready to get moving? Click below to schedule a call.

People might be telling you you’re crazy to even think of giving up the security and benefits of a traditional life...

But you know you’ll never be satisfied unless you give entrepreneurship a real shot - and that voice in the back of your mind knows it, too. Once you have a business you love with clients that love working with you, you’ll wonder WHY YOU WAITED (and waited, and waited…).

Some people spend their lives talking about what they wish they could do, but never actually get started.

You’re different.

It’s time to stop striving … and start LIVING. Let’s get to work.