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"I tried to start my own biz before but didn't know what to do. I was totally waiting for that perfect rags to riches story, but it didn't happen. I got a job waiting tables, then another 9-5. Fast forward several months and I've got a full time biz, paid off my debt and have money in savings. My advice? GET A COACH.

I spent so much time and money doing alllll the wrong things (ie: like days on my website that wasn't even getting me clients, or spending time on instagram when I didn't even get one lead from Instagram) and I made all my money back (x4 or 5) the first 3 months with Jenna. Definitely the best business decision I ever made."

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Cathi Tarbox.jpeg

I’m off the hamster wheel!

No more waffling around with ideas … I’m relieved, excited, and moving forward with a clear focus and direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you, the words, “Find your passion” just didn’t fit. Now they do. Amazing!!!!!!

What you do is the missing link … and the ‘how-to’ of finding your purpose!

Watch her tell her story here.

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Nicole Telfer

If you want focus and drive Jenna is the coach for you and distance is no barrier. Jenna has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity of focus and sticking to my plan. I can be over ambitions at times, thinking I can do a million things a day and the result is usually a lack of confidence in myself.

Jenna helped me make realistic goals that still pushed me forward and the momentum and results have been awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make significant steps in their business.

Kendra Nugent

I went from a head full of ideas to choosing one and launching a business I felt really excited about.

Jenna helped me see the ways my ideas could actually work, rather than all the ways they wouldn’t, and the ways my beliefs made a difference in the outcome. The goal setting and accountability really helped me turn ideas into action.

If you’re trying to get something started but need clarity (or just additional support), or if you’ve already started something but found it didn't work out the way you wanted so are feeling frustrated, you need to work with Jenna.

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Monica Strobel.jpg

Monica Strobel

Jenna has a knack for asking exactly the right questions and quickly helped me breakthrough my fuzzy thinking. She worked with me gently but firmly to identify why and how to move ahead in a different direction with my business than I had first considered and clarified a timeline that I could work with. Thanks, Jenna!

tina LEDER

My fear of failure was crippling me. I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect and I was overwhelmed.

In comes Jenna, and within the first 10 minutes I already felt lighter and re-focused. Who knew that it could actually be fun breaking down my mental blocks?! I highly recommend – especially for anyone who needs to get back on track.

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Aisha Brothers.jpg

aisha brothers

You are a genius. You just lifted a veil I've had in my eyes for months!!! I feel really validated and have direction now.

Qi Ng

I couldn’t quite explain it, but I felt an urge to work with you. I’m glad I did, because I really like your style and the way you go all in. It never felt like there were any restrictions of time or what we talked about.

Most of all, I’ve gained confidence and have a new way of thinking about my abilities. If I know of someone that needs a boost of confidence, I’m referring them straight to you.

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Janet Tse - headshot_small[4069].jpg

janet tse

Jenna has been a wonderful accountability business coach ... she’s full of ideas to help you move forward with your goals when you're stuck or just in need of a virtual-cheer! I would recommend her to anybody looking for a business coach to step up their business.

Crystal Bell.jpg

crystal bell

I’m just truly amazed how quickly we’ve been able to put all this together! It has just been a couple of months and here we are ... I’ve already made back my investment.



Thank you for helping me find clarity with my move into my next career. Previously I spent so much time and a good amount of money trying to figure it out, but you really helped me get a clear idea of the way I wanted to be working.