I do my best work in bed

It turns out there's a really simple key to success:
Figure out the conditions that enable your best work, and then show up to do it again and again and again.

My happy place is somewhere that I’ve never heard anybody – and I mean anybody – credit as their ideal work environment. But that’s ok, because it works for me.

Before going to sleep, I quickly review my top three priorities for the next day. Then I make sure to get a good, long sleep. During the night, something magical happens.

As soon as I wake up, my brain is firing. (Don’t confuse me with an early morning person ... I'm anything but.)

So I grab my journal off the bedside table and start writing. I get my best ideas down on paper, and then the rest of the day is simple execution and refinement.

There are no limits to where you can do your best work….

My husband does his best thinking while running.

My good friend needs the background hum of her local coffee shop (and the caffeine jolt doesn’t hurt, either).

Some people need to put on a power suit and head over to the shared workspace they’ve rented.

It all comes down to finding what works for you and then carving out that time for yourself repeatedly.

>>Despite the voice in your head telling you that you don’t have time.

>>Despite the fact that you might look weird.

>>Despite the feeling that you’re just not motivated today, and so probably won’t find inspiration.

Just go there. Every day. One day at a time.

(Sometimes that's the very hardest thing to do for creative thinkers that love variety. But do it anyway.)

So I’m dying to know! Where do you find your best ideas? What tends to get in the way of your consistency?

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Here's to showing up for yourself and your dreams,

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