Afraid you're not cut out to be an entrepreneur? Read this.

So there was this girl.

More than anything she wanted to escape the soul-sucking 9-5 life that she saw her parents and everyone around her living. And then one day, she got fired.

“This is it! THIS is going to become my rags-to-riches story, where I pull myself up from my lowest low and launch that amazing business and never ever have another J-O-B!”

Except ... it didn’t happen.


Before long she was waiting tables, struggling to pay bills, scrambling to find another 9-5 (ANY 9-5!) ... and that business never got off the ground.

Which made her feel like crap. 

She cried over it, thinking maybe she just wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur …. Maybe she’d only ever be a worker bee, taking orders from somebody far less talented and thinking about what might’ve been...

Fast forward a few months, and she’s making more in her business than she ever did in her job. She loves her work, her clients love her ... it’s a total frickin’ love fest.

And here’s what changed...


She stopped trying to do it all on her own and got a COACH that could show her exactly what steps to take in the right order.

Now she no longer thinks it’s about character / savvy / luck / grit / passion etc. etc. etc.

It’s about having the right tools. (And then yes, also about grit and all ... but mostly about the guidance and support.)


If this is anything like you...

...If you’re doubting that you have what it takes

...If you think maybe it’s something to do with YOU

...If you think those people that are ‘doing it’ did it all on their own without outside help




Your dreams CAN happen, and every single one of us totally non-special people that have said goodbye to our jobs is living proof.

Find a coach / mentor / circle of friends that have “done it.” Get that support and get it DONE! Because it’s totally possible. And it’s killing us to see you think that it’s not.


P.S. This is the true story of a client, but it can be your story if you just do one simple thing: schedule a time when we can talk about exactly what you need to do, in what order. (Or message me on Facebook ... it's all good!)

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