Can't believe I'm on camera doing THAT


Ohh I do NOT love having my picture taken!

I spent years as a travel blogger, and from alllll that time there are probably only a handful of photos of me. 

I'm usually the one BEHIND the lens! 

(Big mistake, I now realize in retrospect. If someone's going to be interested enough to check back and follow your adventures, they want to know who's actually having them!)

Even now that I've done more video work, webinars and (eek!) Facebook Lives, and spent time coaching myself through the discomforts of being visible and putting myself out there, it still feels ... weird ... to plaster my face all over my website. 

But that's exactly what I was up to all afternoon yesterday as we prepare to update The Uncommon Way...

Not just getting photographed, but getting pictures IN MY HOUSE! With my dog, and my baby ... and all my STUFF.

At times I felt my mind wandering down a dark path (People will judge me!), so I took a deep breath and a sip maybe three of wine, and focused my thoughts on the amazing opportunity it is to open up, show the real me (spoiler: travel obsessed), and thereby find common ground with people I've never even met in states and countries far away.

And you know what? Thinking of it that way actually made it ... kinda fun. Who knew?! 

Meanwhile, my husband documented the whole thing on his phone ...

...making sure to capture all the living room furniture moved around...

...and me juggling a baby that refuses to be put down and a puppy that still gets jealous...

...until those times when the baby really wants nothing to do with me because there are LEMONS within arm's reach!

...and I really can't believe he snapped an image of me doing this ... but it was too funny not to share with you all.

So yes that's me, smearing mayonnaise on my orchid plant. Because there's absolutely nothing better for making those leaves look super green and glossy. (Credit for this secret goes to my German landlord.)

And there you have it. The kind of things that will never make the final cut for the new website...

Here's to turning the lens on yourself,


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