The thing you’re waiting for is waiting for you

Do you dream of something different, but wonder when it will actually happen? It depends.... 


Usually we see one primary barrier holding us back.

It might be a better job that gives us more free time, a partner that encourages and supports us emotionally, or even a winning lottery ticket that funds our dream.

But the truth is that often, it’s really not about circumstances or a lack of resources. It’s about a lack of resourcefulness (as Tony Robbins famously told Al Gore in front of the crowd at TED).

Or sometimes, we’re expecting divine intervention.

I remember the stage when I felt ready to find a life partner, but it seemed there were none in sight. I lived in Miami Beach, a world-class city for dating but not so great for long-term partnership.


And yet, I did nothing to change my circumstances.

Some suggested I move, but I loved my house, my job and my life. Give all that up for something that wasn’t even certain? No. Change my behavior, expectations, or mindset? No, that wasn’t the problem! And look for love online? Oh hell no!

If it were meant to be, the Universe would bring us together somehow … maybe reaching for the same ripe tomato at the farmers’ market down on Lincoln Road….

(I eventually did meet my husband online. He lived in Korea, so it would’ve been mighty difficult for us to covet the same tomato. Plus he gets super, super bored at farmers’ markets.)

What so many of us don’t realize – what I failed to realize – is that the change we seek is waiting for us. It’s waiting for us to change, and then it’s waiting for us to make change.


I’d argue that change waits for us much longer than we wait for change.

Are you ready to start moving in the right direction? Sometimes it only takes the tiniest shift to change the energy surrounding your circumstances.


Next week I’ll share some ways you can jumpstart the next phase of your life.


Here’s to your dreams,


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