3 techniques for making massive change

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that the thing you’re waiting for is waiting for you (to change and make change), and then offered to provide some tips this week for initiating that process? 

What I’m suggesting is no Secret (more about that next week), so I’ll dive right in.


Here are three things you can do now to start the internal change that will both inspire and prepare you for massive external change:

  • Shake things up – Get out of your comfort zone, change where you live, take a course in something new, or even just clean and re-arrange your home (really feng shui it up). It can be as drastic or subtle as feels right, but do something you wouldn’t normally do.

  • Mind exercises – Journaling, walking and reflecting, and/or working with a coach or therapist are great ways to question your perceptions. IF there were something internal interfering with your progress, what might that thing be?

  • Create the environment – Ask yourself to isolate something small that you’re looking forward to if the change you seek comes your way. Choose something that’s doable here and now, and then start doing it. This is SUCH an important practice, because it gets you in the habit of designing and living the life you want NOW, rather than always waiting for what’s around the bend.

Each of these share something important: They don’t have to be huge, monumental changes. You don’t need to quit your job, break up with your beau, or sell your possessions and move to Tahiti (unless you want).


Change begins with just one small thing a day. 

(When I was still in the throes of Corporate America and longed more than anything else to telecommute or freelance, I imagined one day throwing on my flip flops each morning and strolling down to the beach for Cuban coffee. It NEVER occurred to me that I could make that a part of my life routine regardless of whether or not I worked a 9 – 7, just by getting up a little earlier. When that day finally came around and I strolled as planned, I was ecstatic! Yet in retrospect, I think about the years of coffees and morning beach time I let slip by me.)

Prioritize that thing, get used to that thing, make that thing a part of your life, and watch your attitude and energy change.

And as for the other stuff? Will that change, too?                                                                             

Often, yes. (I’ll talk more about those mechanics next week.)


Here’s to being the change now and not later,


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